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by Nancy Taylor Warner

Because of God’s promise to him, King David prayed that his son, Solomon, would have a perfect heart, that he might build a house for the Lord. David imparted vision to his son, speaking prophetically as he spoke into Solomon’s life, causing him to understand what the Lord desired and the call that rested upon his life, to have a role in that which the Lord desired to do.

Inner Transformation

by Nancy Taylor Warner 

Years ago, my dad had an aloe plant in his office. One day he broke off a piece to rub some of the gel on his finger, and then discarded it. He told it like this: The aloe plant called out from the trash can and said “Is this the way you treat me after I gave my life so you could have healing? You use me, and then throw me in the trash

Our Need for a Present Word

by Nancy Taylor Warner

Recently, as I was in prayer for a need that had been shared with me, I thought I knew how to pray: I was familiar with all the scriptures relating to that need, so I would just begin to pray them! Much to my surprise, as I began to get quiet before the Lord, He led me in a whole new direction. Scripture after scripture came before me, as my prayer time turned into a prayerful little Bible study.

A Yielded Heart

by Nancy Taylor Warner

“Who is this that cometh up from the wilderness, leaning upon her beloved…” Song of Solomon 8:5 

The passion of my heart is to be able to say, “Yes, Lord,” regardless of the situation, circumstance, or challenge. It is essential to recognize and yield to the workmanship of God within if we are to grow in our walk with the


by Nancy Taylor Warner

 Luke 11:1  …teach us to pray…

There is an increasing travail today for the true life and ministry of Christ to be made manifest in and through lives submitted to the Lord Jesus Christ.  This travail is being imparted by the Holy Spirit, to bring forth a people

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