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by Wade Taylor

Morning Devotional Evening Devotional
Day 1 Seeking to Come Higher Steps Toward a Spirit-Led Life
Day 2 Resting in Confidence The Experiential Word
Day 3 Cultivating Our Spiritual Hunger Turn Us Again
Day 4 Our Having a Single Eye Our Need to Purchase Gold
Day 5 Born of the Spirit The Law of the Spirit of Life
Day 6 The Eternal Now Being the Least of All
Day 7 Two Ways Becoming Spiritually Alive
Day 8 Divine Purpose Having the Mind of Christ
Day 9 Maintaining Our Spirituality The Lifting Power of His Presence
Day 10 Living a Balanced Spiritual Life Spiritual Growth
Day 11 The Test of Pressure The Eye of a Dove
Day 12 Our Being Apprehended Contrasting Circles of Relationship
Day 13 The Secret Place Talents – Increasing Our Spiritual Capacity
Day 14 Making the Right Decisions Spiritual Authority
Day 15 A Call to Come Apart Arrayed in His Glory
Day 16 Going Beyond Our Present Experience Rightly Interpreting the Circumstances of Life
Day 17 Deep Calling to Deep The Power of Choice
Day 18 Our Attaining to That Which is Best A Firm Foundation
Day 19 Developing a Personal Prayer Life Waiting Upon the Lord
Day 20 Our Being Faithful Waiting In His Presence
Day 21 The Call of the Lord The Price of Truth
Day 22 A Prophetic Vision for Our Day The Power of the Anointed Word
Day 23 Walking in the Spirit The Need for the Prophetic
Day 24 The Creative Word Becoming Spiritually Stable
Day 25 The Cry of the Lord Immersed in His Presence
Day 26 Which Church Do You Attend Inviting the Lord Within
Day 27 An Aspect of His Dealings The Alternative of God
Day 28 The Intent of Our Heart Draw Me
Day 29 The Value of Pure Worship Cultivating a Spiritual Atmosphere
Day 30 The Motives of Our Heart Elect According to the Foreknowledge of God
Day 31 Come That You Might be Sent Our Identity