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with Nancy & Allen & Jethro too!

Living Room Moments reflects our times of sharing here at the Parousia Ministries House of Prayer. I began to record so I could relisten, for which I’m thankful, because it enables us now to share these devotionals with you too! We hope they will be a blessing to you, as they are to us, and that the recordings will be clear enough to hear. Most songs have not been included because of copyrights. When we can, we leave them on! May the Lord bless you through these daily times of sharing.

Prayerfully yours,
Nancy Taylor Tate


To Read:
1 Expectant
2 Wisdom
3 Breath of God
To Hear:
1 Training – Prov 22:6
2 Cleft of the Rock – Isa 32:2
3 When Tired – Matt 26:36
4 Glory in the LORD – Jer 9:23
5 Where Does Wisdom Go? – 1 Kings 11:42