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Month: May 2020


June Taylor

 The enemy is making a lot of “noise” these days, doing all he can to cause fear and panic on the earth and to thwart God’s Kingdom. And yes, around the world people’s foundations are being challenged and shaken. BUT – In spite of the adversary’s best schemes, the KING OF KINGS LORD OF LORDS OUR GOD reigns!

As believers, we know that our God is on the throne, and His Kingdom rules over all. He is still in control. And His invitation remains to “Enter His rest”, “to fear not”, “to be still”, “to trust”. And it seems we have been given an opportune season to draw close and re-assess; and to make sure that God alone is our great confidence.

Deep Calls Unto Deep

June Taylor

Charles Wesley wrote, “Amazing love! How can it be that thou my God wouldst die for me?”

We continue to be amazed as we ponder the depths Jesus, the Son of Man went, to redeem mankind and deliver us from evil. His suffering went beyond the stripes and the cross, down into the belly of the earth.

“For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly; so shall the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.” Matthew 12:40

The Lasting Value of Communion

Wade E Taylor

As the “facets” in a diamond are viewed, some appear as being opposite to other facets; but rather, the beauty of a diamond is that these facets “complement” each other.  So also, the partaking of “communion” with our Lord has many different ways in which it may be understood and experienced.

Many receive communion in a ritualistic manner; partaking religiously, rather than first being lifted into the presence of the Lord through worship, and adoration of who He is.  There must be a time of preparation for us to effectively partake of “communion” with the Lord.  Just as it is not possible for us to “wait on the Lord in His presence” until we have passed from the natural realm into the spiritual, it is not possible for us to “receive” the value and substance of the body and blood of Jesus, until we exchange realms.