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Living Room Moments

Recently, as Allen read 1 Kings 11:42-43, I wondered what he was going to say! He went on to tell how the Lord blessed Solomon with wisdom and the opportunity to grow in that wisdom.

Yet sadly for Solomon, he didn’t use that wisdom to further his obedience to God. As we know from the scriptures, the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Somehow Solomon lost that focus, though he had been mightily blessed.

We have the opportunity each day to be a little wiser than we were the day before! To not only have understanding, but to make right decisions.

To quote Allen, “Wisdom without the will to obey God is not really wisdom.” And, “May our decisions in our latter years be wiser than in our younger years!” Also, “May we guard against indulgence, always staying in right relationship with God.”

We’re so thankful that we can continue to learn and grow! That we can continue to study God’s Word and follow after Him. To again quote Allen, “In the end, that’s the more important thing, for the core of our wisdom is obedience to the Lord and His commands.”

I hope you are as blessed as I have been, as we share this Living Room Moment with you!

Prayerfully yours,
Nancy & Allen Tate