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Month: March 2023

Cultivating Our Spiritual Hunger

Wade E Taylor

“Draw me, we will run after You.  The King has brought me into His chambers….  Song of Solomon 1:4

This verse expresses in two words, a prayer that is vital to our spiritual well-being, “Draw me.”

Following our prayer of desire is a commitment to the Lord that we will indeed respond to Him, as He creates within us a spiritual hunger that will enable us to make this commitment, “We will run after You.”

Finally, “The King has brought me into His chambers” is the marvelous result of the outworking of our prayer of desire, and of the expression of our determination to respond to the Lord.

This essential prayer, “Draw me,” relates to the spiritual hunger that in varying degrees is resident within each of us.  This hunger drive, a powerful basic “urge” that is at the foundation of all our desires, seeks its satisfaction in many ways.

The Lord will enlarge our spiritual capacity, as in faith we look to Him to cause us to become spiritually hungry.  A primary means to accomplish this is to present ourselves before the Lord, and then actively “wait upon Him.”  As we wait, the Lord will work in our behalf and will respond to our desire for increased spiritual hunger and capacity.