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Month: December 2022

The Lasting Value of Communion

by Wade E Taylor

As the “facets” in a diamond are viewed, some appear as being opposite to other facets.  The beauty of a diamond is due to the fact that these “opposite” facets complement each other.  So also, the partaking of “communion” with our Lord has many different ways in which it can be understood and experienced.

Some receive communion in a ritualistic manner, by partaking of a symbol, or emblem of the Lord’s body and blood.  There is no life in a symbol or emblem and these receive only a religious or sentimental satisfaction.

Others recognize that they are partaking of the very life of the Lord, and as they partake, they are receiving His literal body and blood being imparted into them.

There should be a time of preparation so we can effectively partake of “communion.”  We must be lifted into the presence of the Lord in order for His life to flow into our lives.  Just as it is not possible for us to “wait on the Lord in His presence” until we have passed from the natural realm into the spiritual, it is not possible for us to “receive” the literal body and blood of Jesus, until we exchange realms.