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Our Vision

Worship is a primary purpose each time we fellowship together. In addition, Bible teachings that bring understanding of the present-day workings of the Holy Spirit bring focus and direction to our lives. Personal ministry allows those who would like prayer to further receive, as they linger in the Lord’s presence.

For those of you who knew my dad, Wade Taylor, the founder of this ministry, you understand this is also a continuation of what he was doing, prior to his going home to be with the Lord.

In 1981 the Lord called me to support my dad. Later I realized it was not just to support a person, but a vision – the preparation of a people for the end time purposes of the Lord – and it burns deep in my heart today.

Truths shared in our gatherings sow into that vision. They are truths that changed my life, and are now deeply embedded in my heart, life, and walk with the Lord today.

This is my prayer for you also, that your life will be enriched during our times of sharing together. That you will be encouraged in your own walk and relationship with the Lord, and times apart with Him.  That you will recognize in a greater way, His working within you, and be encouraged by all God has done, is doing, and will yet do.

Each one of us who has dedicated our lives to the Lord is enrolled in a “school of the spirit.” The classroom is our life experiences, as we apply the word of God and seek His heart.

Much emphasis is placed on the individual and each person’s individual walk with the Lord. However, may we always realize we are part of a corporate body.  Our relationships are very important, and part of God’s plan.  It’s together, that our calls will be fulfilled, and God’s purposes accomplished.

Our Parousia Gatherings are wonderful opportunities to come apart with others who have a deep, inner hunger for more of the Lord.  For those who can’t come, there are also teachings available on our website, under Messages to Hear.

“Parousia” is a New Testament Greek word that relates to the Second Coming of Christ; this word also relates to the “Presencing” of the Lord, in which He is beginning to reveal Himself in a greater and more personal way to those who have come apart to seek Him.

As we set aside time to come apart and worship the Lord together, in His presence, may the Lord bless, strengthen, and encourage you.