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Our Foundation: A Personal Relationship

Nancy Taylor Tate

In troubled times, it is our own, personal relationship with the Lord sustains us. In “Maintaining a Personal Relationship with the Lord” (available on our website under “A Present Word”) Wade Taylor goes back to this foundation, essential for being effective in the kingdom of God, and also for making it through trying times.

As we continue in prayer for our nation, our leaders, our fellow citizens, and people around the world, may we also take this opportunity to be mindful of both nurturing and leaning into our own, personal relationship with the Lord, and may we embrace truths that give strength during difficult times.

Our own, personal relationship with the Lord is foundational to anything else we will ever attain to spiritually. From that foundation there are truths the Lord is bringing to the forefront during this time—things we know but may not have fully appropriated. May this be the hour as we maintain our gaze on the Lord.

Each day Allen, my husband, reads scripture, then comments before we pray and worship. The other day as he read Psalm 148, Allen remarked: “I am struck by the fact that, even though we are in difficult times, we are feeling a sense of peace and contentment. I realize that conditions have caused us to cease from some of our busy activities. Yet though we are experiencing troubles in the world, there is an opportunity for us to spend more personal time alone with the Lord in praise, worship, and reflection.”

He went on to say, “Psalm 148 says we are to praise the Lord. The psalmist rejoices in God’s ultimate and complete supremacy over His creation. God created the heavens, the angels, the sun, and the stars, as well as everything on the earth. When we reflect on the magnitude of God’s power, how can we not be confident that the world and all things in it are firmly in His hand?”

Psalm 148:13-14 declares, “Let them praise the name of the Lord: for His name alone is excellent; his glory is above the earth and heaven…Praise ye the Lord.”

Allen continued further, “God is sovereign. He is in control. God’s people have been anointed with strength and authority. He rejoices in our praise! Let’s not miss the opportunity we have to spend more time in prayer, praise, and fellowship with the Lord.”

And may I add, it is our own personal relationship with the Lord that is the foundation from which all heartfelt praise flows! Let’s praise the Lord! For who He is. His greatness. His sovereignty. Let’s note each thing we can be thankful for, as we praise the Lord and believe for His working in good circumstances, in hard circumstances, whatever comes, that His plan and purpose be fulfilled in and through our lives.