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Our Blessings and Prayer for You in 2022

Nancy Taylor Tate

As we begin a new year, we again send you our blessings! In every dispensation and time throughout all of history, God has always had a people through whom He could speak and move. We are so blessed to be living at such a time as this, and to be invited to be a part of that people God is raising up today for His end time glory.

As we enter into this new year…

May the Lord bless you, strengthen you, and encourage you.

May you find times of rest in His presence, times of refreshing, and a stillness of spirit in which the Lord can speak and move.

May purpose fill your days, and the desire to see the heart of the Lord satisfied ever increase.

May His love overshadow you, surround you, and keep you.

May integrity, character, and the leading of the Holy Spirit blend together in a sweet fragrance, pleasing to the Lord, a joy to you, and a blessing to others.

May the Lord bless you with wisdom, discernment, and a tenacity of spirit, that He might be seen and glorified through your life.

Allen and I send you our blessings and wish you God’s highest and best in the coming year.

Our prayer is that you increasingly prosper, both spiritually and in your life circumstances, beyond all that you have experienced in the past, and also, may you be blessed in life, in health, and in all that is before you.