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O God Thou Art My God

Nancy Taylor Tate

I would like to send this word of encouragement to you today: God hears your prayers, and your prayers make a difference!

You may have heard of the “Hebrides Revival” which began on a Scottish island back in 1949.  Two women, one eighty-four and the other eighty-two and blind, seeing the condition around them, became burdened to pray.  One day, the Lord gave them a word from Isaiah 44:3, “For I will pour water upon him that is thirsty, and floods upon the dry ground.”   Encouraged, they dedicated themselves to a certain amount of prayer each week, as they held these words before the Lord.  Duncan Campbell traces the revival that took place, back to the prayers of these two women.  It does not take a lot of people to pray through!

The “Grace Outpouring” has taken place in more recent years in a scenic, but obscure place in Wales.  Through what we would call a “dissatisfied satisfaction,” a man was in earnest prayer.  Their retreat center became marked by the presence of the Lord.  As the Lord began to draw people to come, they spoke blessings over the guests, then watched as the Lord moved within hearts and changed lives.  The testimonies they have heard are remarkable and have encouraged others to also become houses of prayer, places marked by the presence of the Lord, where God’s presence not only changes lives, but also blesses the surrounding area.

A prayer that my dad prayed back when he was still in Bible school has found expression in my own heart through the years.  “Lord, if there could be a place where You could be who You want to be, and do what You want to do, I am available.”

The Lord is looking today for those who would make themselves available to “become” a place for His presence.  The Lord is omnipresent.  The Psalmist writes in Psalm 139:7, “Whither shall I go from thy spirit? or wither shall I flee from thy presence?”  The Lord is everywhere.  Yet He promises to manifest, or make His presence known, to those who love Him. (John 14:21)

We are in a time of great conflict between good and evil; light and darkness; love and hate.  The kingdom of God is not just future; it is now, as the power of evil is broken and God’s rule with love, joy and peace is established.  As we set our hearts on the Lord Jesus Christ and yield to His life and power flowing from deep within us, we can impact the communities where we live and beyond.

How do I “become” a place marked by the presence of the Lord?  The call of God in Scripture is always to “come.”  Mark 3:13-15 speaks of the Lord’s call to “be with Him.”  When I spend time in the sun, I get a suntan.  As I spend time in the presence of the Lord, there is an effect as well.  My times of worship and holding God’s Word in my heart as I receive from Him, are important parts of my spiritual growth and relationship with the Lord.

The Lord is calling for those who would practice His presence daily and who would also set aside quality times to be with Him.  Prayer involves petition, and also listening.  As we come to the Lord with an open heart to receive, He will impart His very life into our spirit.  The receptivity of our spirit is very important if we are going to receive what God has for us and what we need for today.

The Lord hears our prayers!  Our prayers make a difference.  Our times apart in His presence are important.  There is an end-time anointing the Lord is releasing to those who would prepare their hearts and make time available to receive from Him.  The Lord is equipping and preparing a people today for His end-time glory.

My prayer is that the Lord bless, encourage and strengthen you today, as He continues to draw you ever closer to Himself.