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Learning to Follow the Lord

Nancy Taylor Tate

It has been a joy to me to continue Parousia Ministries these last eight years. It’s hard to believe that that much time has gone by since the Lord took my dad home and I moved from the ministry where I was pastoring, to give myself more fully to Parousia Ministries.

How faithful God has been! How I appreciate the testimonies I hear of lives that have been touched through my dad’s teaching, not only during his lifetime, but also today, as well as lives touched through times I write or speak myself, as well as others in the gatherings.

The Lord is establishing places marked by His presence. This is our desire as we steadfastly   continue on – to be a place marked by His presence during the transitional time our nation and other nations are in today. A place where He can be who He wants to be and do what He wants to do! A place where He can accomplish His purposes in and through our lives.

The word I have, has to do with the gathering together of an overcoming people for the higher purposes of God. We continue to make ourselves available in anticipation of all God would yet do in lives…in this nation…in this day we live in.

In “A Time of Transition,” Wade Taylor speaks of the time frame we live in today. (This writing can be found on our website, under Article of the Month.) His words stir us to turn aside to ‘wait’ upon the Lord, that we might better recognize His voice and His presence, learn obedience, and gain experience in following Him.

How vital our times of prayer and worship are! Also, there is an understanding to be gained, that there is always a progression in what God is doing! We can’t just “park.” God is moving! It’s important we learn to follow Him, staying in step, not running ahead or lagging behind, if we are going to be joined with Him in what He is doing!

A verse I love:

“Then shall we know, if we follow on to know the Lord: his going forth is prepared as the morning; and he shall come unto us as the rain, as the latter and former rain unto the earth” Hosea 6:3.

What a promise! As we follow on to know the Lord, He will come to us! As the rain!

We have a little puppy, Jethro. Sometimes we have to walk him out in the rain. At times the rain is light, and I’ll think I can walk him without an umbrella. But I am learning, even if it’s a light mist, when you are in the rain, you become soaked, clear through!

This is the Lord’s desire, to totally saturate every part of our heart and our lives! That we might become one with Him, joined with Him in what He is doing.

We are living in a time of transition! We have not gone this way before. How we need to know the Lord’s heart. Have hearing ears! Learn to follow Him.

May the Lord rain upon us this year as never before! May we catch His heartbeat, that we might participate with Him more fully, giving expression to His heart, His thoughts, His ways.