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Happy Birthday Dad

Nancy Taylor Tate

On my dad’s birthday I reflected on some of the vision, wisdom, and truth that Wade Taylor left to us through his life and teachings. It is hard to believe more than 9 years have already passed since the Lord took him home on February 29, 2012 at 87 years of age.

I remember my dad saying many times, “If you see me, then I have failed; but if you see Jesus, then I have succeeded.” His focus was on the message the Lord had given him – the preparation of a people for the end time purpose of the Lord. When he shared from his life, as he often did, it was a means to exemplify truth.

His desire was that the “written” Word become the “experiential” Word in our lives, that which could be seen by others: “Therefore each aspect of our life should be of such yieldedness and submission to the resurrection life of Jesus, that the written Word, which has been imparted into our spirit, will find its expression and fulfillment through us.”

He prayed that what the Lord had accomplished within us would become evident to others, as a witness to them, that would convict and draw them to Christ.

His special anointing to bring forth deep truths of the Spirit, continues to bring truth alive in the hearts of many today – through his website,, as well as through other venues.

Wade Taylor’s walk with the Lord began in the mid 1950’s, when the Lord called him to sell two successful businesses in order to more fully concentrate on preparing for the Lord’s calling on his life.

In the fall of 1956, Wade enrolled in Bible school. There, one of his teachers, Walter Beuttler, had a profound influence on his life as students were encouraged to cultivate a personal and experiential knowledge of the Lord.

Through the example of Beuttler’s personal walk with the Lord and the “impartation” of his teachings into Wade Taylor’s life, two transforming qualities were established: the value of spending quality time waiting on the Lord, plus seeking to cultivate a hearing ear in order to better hear the voice of the Lord and respond to His presence.

These same truths that impacted Wade’s life, have been passed on to others through his own teaching and example, with a clarity and simplicity that draws one up into a closer walk and deeper relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. I know my life has been transformed and my vision set!

Our prayer is that you too, will continue to be strengthened and encouraged through the truths Wade Taylor ministered throughout his lifetime and which can be found today on our website.