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An End-Time Witness

Wade E. Taylor

Wherever we are in the progression of our spiritual life and experience, we should desire to be drawn yet closer in order to enter into a higher realm of spiritual revelation and understanding.

For the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death.”  Romans 8:2

When the “law of the spirit of life” is operating within us – the Holy Spirit imparting spiritual life to us and releasing us from all that is negative, “we will be set free from the law of sin and death.”  Our part is to open our spirit and present the totality of our being to the Lord in an attitude of worship and receptivity, expecting to receive from Him.

The Word tells us that we have been set free from the “law of sin” through that which Jesus accomplished on the Cross in our behalf.

Judicially, this is true, but it must become an experiential reality within us.  We have been set free from the law of sin and death through all that Jesus accomplished on the cross in our behalf.  Therefore, it has no hold or claim on us, as we are seated with Jesus in heavenly places, far above all principalities and all power.

Experientially, we are moving toward our being able to appropriate it into our spiritual life experience, so it can become a personal reality within us.

If we ask, “is our being set free from sin literal or spiritual,” most all will say  “It is literal.”   If we ask, “is our being set free from death literal or spiritual” most all will say, “It is spiritual.”  The word between sin and death is “and,” which is a connector.  Thus, it cannot be said that half is literal, and half is spiritual.

Beginning with Martin Luther, there was a restoration of scriptural truth that was lost to the Church due to the “Dark Ages.”  A process of restoration began with Martin Luther and increased through the ministries of the John Wesley, and the visitations that followed; Latter Rain, the Pentecostal outpouring, and then the Charismatic.  We are approaching the time of the redemption of the body.

The Word says that the last enemy to be overcome, or defeated, is “death.”  Since death is already defeated in heaven, it must also be defeated by us while we are still alive.  If we carefully read the Word of God, we should not be dying.

We are in a process of restoration (this is an end-time truth) in which, “We are to present our bodies a living sacrifice”  Romans 12:1.

We are living in the time of the redemption of the body.  We are to claim this truth, that we might live and not die.  Our rightly understanding how to partake of Communion is an integral part of this.

We are about to receive a visitation of healing that will exceed anything that was received in the past.  This will go beyond those who have an extraordinary healing ministry, and will take place through individuals who are presently being prepared.

We are living at the end of the Laodicean Church Age.  The Word says that those within this church are rich and increased in goods – satisfied, having need of nothing.  But within this church is a remnant (you and I) who do not feel satisfied, and are seeking something further.

There will be a major healing visitation.  As we open our hearts and acknowledge that we truly need the Lord, He will begin, even at this present time, to lengthen lives.  Not so much that we will never die, as that is in the Lord’s hands, but that our lives can be lengthened to the fullness of all that the Lord intends.

I have a list of people that I was very close to, who had unusual relationships with the Lord, but are no longer alive.  There is a very real sense that they are needed now, as never before, but they are gone.  But this is about to change.

In these last days, the Lord will prepare a people that truly know His voice and have an understanding of His ways.  He is going to lengthen their lives to the outworking of all that He intends and desires.  People will begin to say, “What is your secret?  We know that you don’t look as old as you are.  What are you doing?”  The Lord is going to do something very special in this day.

We have been set free, not only from sin, through that which Jesus accomplished on the Cross, but we are being set free, in the longevity of our lives, the lengthening, the healing of our bodies, not just divine healing, but divine health.

Our lives are being lengthened for the glory of God.  We will have a testimony and a witness and the Lord will have a people, a mature people, in this day that His Word will permeate the earth in the greatest visitation this world has ever seen.

“Father, we thank you for this word and this day, we are believing and asking for divine health, that there will be an impartation in faith and a  release through our partaking of communion, that we will receive a lengthening of our life span, that there might be a testimony in the earth of your presence and power, and we might be available for your purposes here on the earth.”

 We thank you Lord, in Jesus name, Amen.