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A Day of Transition

by Nancy Taylor Tate

We are approaching the birthing of a new day in the Lord. The beginnings of this transitional period are being felt as we move from the present day of grace into the new day of His Kingdom.

Regardless of where we are in the Lord’s economy of time, today is the appointed time in which we can meet the Lord. As we hear and respond to the upward call of God, the Lord works within our lives according to the level of our commitment to Him. This visitation of the Lord is not openly visible. But from within the church, the Lord is calling a people unto Himself. As we respond, there is a preparation within our lives for the critical hour in which we live, even as John the Baptist was uniquely prepared for his hour.

In Jesus’ time, a transition was made from law to grace. In our day of transition, we are moving from grace into the day of His Kingdom, or the Third Day. We, as a Bride are being adorned to know Him, and then as Sons, to be made a part of His purposes both now and for all eternity.

We are not much different from His disciples who misunderstood the Lord’s purposes in their day. They were so adjusted to the world system as they knew it, that they looked to the Lord for political intervention to preserve their way of life.

But Jesus had no interest in the world system of that day. His interest was in preparing a people to know Him, who would move from that economic and religious system into the new day that was before them. To do this, as a bride, they first had to come to know Him in a deeper and more personal way. From that place of intimacy, as sons, He was then able to bring them into a functional position within His purpose.

We have changed little as we again face a time of transition. We still look to the Lord for political intervention, to preserve a present world and religious system, in which He has no interest. The Lord is yet looking for a people who would know Him, who would constrain Him to abide with them, as He leads them into the coming new day.

We are entering a season of great deception and tribulation. There is an urgent need today to personally know the Lord as never before. This level of knowing develops as we spend time with Him, not only during our daily devotional time, but throughout the day, as we learn to seek His heart in the daily circumstances of our individual lives.

Day by day, as we continue to spend quality time in the Lord’s presence, then stay sensitive and responsive to His presence in our daily walk, our yearning and spiritual capacity for more of the Lord continues to grow. This spiritual hunger increasingly draws us closer to the Lord and will also carry us through the day at hand.

We can only understand what it will mean to continually abide in His presence and glory in the coming new heaven and earth, as we receive touches of being in His presence and glory today.

As His presence and His glory become a greater reality within our life experience, the desire to abide in His unveiled presence in the day before us continues to grow within our hearts. This yearning causes us to say, even as John said, “Even so, come, Lord Jesus” (Rev. 22:20).

Come, Lord Jesus, into my life and circumstances, and carry us into this new day that is before us.