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Month: January 2020

Waiting for the Lord

Dear Friends in our Lord’s Calling and Purposes,

Each month I highlight one article written by my dad, Wade Taylor. As we begin the new year, I am praying earnestly as to what truths would be most helpful to set our hearts on.  My prayer is that these writings will be a strength and encouragement to you, as you continue in your times of daily fellowship with the Lord.

As a New Year begins, I am often drawn to truths relating to spending quality time in the Lord’s presence.  This was very much a part of my dad’s life, something we often saw him doing.  They are probably some of my favorite teaching because they transformed my own life as well.  Busyness will always challenge devotion.  Yet it is at the very heart of our walk with the Lord, and is worth contending for.  Let’s determine to find that “time apart” throughout the year where we can spend quality time with Him.  As we do, it will make a difference!

Prayerfully yours,
Nancy Taylor Tate

 Waiting for the Lord
Wade Taylor

“Deep calls to deep…. Psalm 42:7

Deep calling to deep” is descriptive of a deep desire for fellowship that is within our Lord and by divine design, within each of us.  The Lord had searched both the universe and all that He had created, but could not find the satisfaction He desired.